Equilibrium Equestrian

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My experience

It's all about your position!

As a successful FEI dressage rider and some time show jumper, I have a unique understanding of what it is to be 'rider fit'.  

Our posture and body awareness has an enormous impact on the ability of our horse to provide optimum performance for us.  

I can usually pick what movements a rider will struggle with (and on which rein!), simply by watching you move on the ground.

Position Analysis

Improve your position to improve your results.

As an FEI rider, coach, EA judge and HRCAV level assessor, I have a wealth of riding experience which combined with my Pilates training results in position and results based coaching. 

Private and group lessons available.  Click here to enquire.

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Mat classes - for horses riders

Horse riders are athletes like any other and have specific requirements.  Mat classes tailored to those specific needs.  Club and group bookings available.  Click here to enquire.

Equestrian coaching

Your posture on position has an enormous impact on your horse's ability to perform.  Dressage, show jumping and poles lessons with a positional focus in order for you and you horse to perform at your best.  Click here to enquire.

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'Every movement of your life can be the beginning of great things'

Joseph Pilates